Ty Isaf

Named after the father of Sue, our proprietor, Cyril was a well know character on the show jumping circuit of North Wales and NW England. Sadly Cyril passed away in 2002 but he would be delighted to have the new fantastic facility right on his doorstep. Cyril was always one to have a go and this venture certainly aims to hold that ethos close to our core value. Equiti is a word made up from Equestrian and Ty Isaf, but it’s also similar to the word Equity - a word meaning equal and whose definition is the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality.

Cyril always wanted to see horse riding available to all and believed that whatever ones background, horses can be part of your life. I think Cyril would have been proud to have played a part in increasing the accessibility of horse riding to a whole new generation.




Cyril Roberts Arena

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